Battling Drought with Private Reservoirs

With Gov. Brown announcing emergency statewide water restrictions this week, pumping out free rain barrels by local water agencies is one way to make a dent in the drought when and if it does rain. To help customers grab every drop of rain or drip of dew, the Laguna Beach County Water District is ready to give away up to four 60-gallon rain barrels to every customer. With 162 already claimed, the district still has 113 rain barrels on site. With rain, however, not on the horizon and no snow much


Capturing rainwater is a good idea.  Besides providing for local use, large scale versions can slow down flooding.  That’s what many dams are for.  However, when we don’t leave enough to maintain streams and estuaries, we cause harm to some of the most productive and sensitive natural habitats on Earth. Then it’s time to start reducing the human need.

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