Whale & dolphin meat tested in Japan exceeds mercury limits

Whale & dolphin meat samples tested in Japan exceed safe mercury limits

LONDON: The Government of Japan and the country’s largest online marketplace for whale and dolphin meat have been urged to stop turning a blind eye to consumer health after the latest analysis revealed unsafe mercury contamination in 100 per cent of samples tested.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) tested 13 products purchased from Yahoo! Japan – the only major online retailer to continue to profit from sales of whale and dolphin meat – and an additional seven products from Japanese supermarkets.

Every sample showed mercury contamination exceeding the Japanese Government’s own recommended safe level of 0.4 parts per million (ppm).  Source: oceansspirit.wordpress.com

GR:  The two issues exposed here are animal protection, and environmental pollution.  We shouldn’t be killing and eating increasingly rare species, and we should stop polluting the oceans.

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