Press Release: Coldwater Farm Conservation Easement Fund-Raising Campaign

Press Release    For Immediate Release

The Town of Dewey-Humboldt and Phoenix-based architecture firm make donations in support of conserving Coldwater Farm in perpetuity

CONTACT: Asa Bjorklund, Central Arizona Land Trust


PHONE: (928) 445-7790

The Central Arizona Land Trust (CALT) and partners are pleased to announce the receipt of two generous donations for their fundraising campaign, It’s for the Birds! aimed at establishing a conservation easement on Coldwater Farm. Last week the Town Council of Dewey-Humboldt declared its intention to donate $2,500 following CALT consultant Jeanne Trupiano’s presentation on the importance of preserving Coldwater Farm. The property, an amazing riparian habitat on the banks of the Agua Fria River in Dewey-Humboldt, is home to two federally threatened and endangered bird species: the Yellow-billed Cuckoo and the Southwest Willow Flycatcher. Also, another 127 bird species have been documented on the property.

In addition, Phoenix-based Architectural Resource Team (ART) announced its donation of $2,000 to It’s for the Birds! ART builds homes according to the Living Building Challenge, a certification protocol that may be the highest pinnacle of green building known. The donation is a symbol of ART’s commitment to sustainability and a healthier ecosystem.

The support of the Dewey-Humboldt Town Council and the Architectural Resource Team constitutes an important milestone as CALT and partners launch the It’s for the Birds! campaign to raise $65,000. This amount is needed to cover the transactional costs of establishing the conservation easement, and above all the stewardship and legal defense funds that guarantee that the property will remain conserved and undeveloped forever.

CALT and partners would much appreciate other donations. Checks should be marked It’s for the Birds! to designate that all funds go directly to the Coldwater Farm Conservation Easement. Donations can also be made online on CALT’s website: All donations to the It’s for the Birds! campaign are tax deductible and will be used specifically for establishing a permanent conservation easement on Coldwater Farm.

Unique collaboration between local nonprofits

In what may be an unprecedented collaborative effort, local chapters of conservation groups have come together to support the permanent protection of Coldwater Farm, including the Highlands Center for Natural History, the Prescott Audubon Society, the Citizen Water Advocacy Group, the Sierra Club-Yavapai Group, the Arizona Native Plant Society-Prescott Chapter, the Arizona Riparian Council, Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument, the Upper Agua Fria Watershed Group, and the Agua Fria Open Space Alliance, Inc. CALT is ever so grateful for its partners’ support and expertise.

Conservation easements

A private landowner grants a Conservation Easement to a qualified land trust. Easements are legally binding agreements that permanently restrict subdivision and additional development. The land trust makes annual visits to ensure that the terms of the easement agreement are being met. Conservation easements provide a win-win scenario that allows for protection of precious resources while assuring the landowners retain the right to live on the land, sell the land, and pass it on to their heirs. In all cases, the land is kept in private ownership and remains on the tax rolls. Conservation easements do not require public access; it’s up to the landowner to decide.

Coldwater Farm Conservation Easement Supporters