Petition: Pigs Want Out

For those who still eat meat it should become more and more important to know where their food comes from. And for those who no longer support this violence against innocent creatures it is still a…


GR:  It is important to teach children that cruelty to animals is wrong. We have laws for adults who did not receive the lesson.  The laws protecting animals are not as severe as the ones that punish child abusers, but they are there and they should be enforced. PETA is handling the petition.

Save the Endangered Species Act From Corporate Polluters!

About the Petition

Right now the Endangered Species Act is under attack—and ferrets, gray wolves, and the more than 1,500 other plants and animals it safeguards are in jeopardy.

A band of pro-polluter members of Congress, led by Rep. Doc Hastings, is ramming through a series of misleading and devastating bills that would gut the ESA. They say their only goal is to “reform” the act, but we know what they really want: to let corporate polluters profit from logging, mining, and drilling our most vulnerable wildlife into oblivion.

Protecting natural habitat bolsters our economy to the tune of $1.6 trillion a year, and 99 percent of all animals ever protected under the act have been saved from extinction.

More than 40 years ago, Americans stood as one to create the ESA. It’s time to come together again to save it. Take action right now, and tell Congress: Protect our wildlife, and save the Endangered Species Act!


GR:  As Earth’s growing human population decimates the biosphere and reduces carrying capacity, these attacks will increase.  Vigilance and persistence are needed.