My Debut Novel, Corr Syl the Warrior is available on Amazon


When an armed Danog patrol crosses the border into Wycliff District, the Wycliff Council sends a young Tsaeb warrior named Corr Syl to investigate and recommend a response.  Corr soon learns that spies have infiltrated his district, and already many lives are at risk.  He catches a glimpse of something truly evil, and with no time to spare, must choose

Corr Syl the Warrior

Corr Syl the Warrior Cover

between a safe response that might fail, and a sure response that might start a global war.

The Tsaeb civilization formed millions of years ago.  Its creators were the warriors who appeared in the time of massive war machines that had the power to destroy the planet itself.  In addition to strength and knowledge of combat and war, the warriors brought a wisdom that centered on individual responsibility for consequences of actions.  This form of wisdom is Immediacy, the philosophy of consequences.  The spread of Immediacy produced the Tsaeb civilization.  During its 40-million year history, the Tsaeb civilization survived giant meteorites and advancing ice sheets, but always the greatest danger is from new species.

This novel is free of profanity and erotica, but it does contain violence.  It has action, adventure, heroics, romance, true evil, and a bad joke or two:  Everything you need?

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1 thought on “My Debut Novel, Corr Syl the Warrior is available on Amazon

  1. Hi Garry
    Congratulations with the new release. I have pin it, tweet it and shared it on Google and LinkedIn. Wish you all the best with the sales.



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