Too Little, Too Late.

President Obama recently unveiled his plans for America to cut its CO2 emissions 30% compared to 2005 levels by 2030 “to limit warming below the 2˚C ceiling agreed by countries”, a plan that Al Gor…


GR:  The cuts the EPA will administer do not seem to be large enough to make a real difference.  Perhaps they will be contagious and spread to other industries.

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1 thought on “Too Little, Too Late.

  1. Yes, no real difference. We need an effort equivalent to that of World War II to even begin to lessen the atmospheric CO2 input and decrease the acceleration of Global Warming. We can start by removing the subsidies to the carbon-based fuel industries and promote renewables. We will need tremendous amounts of energy and materials to create a new sustainable modern society. Perhaps someday our government will actually practice a Public Trust Doctrine.



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