New York Mets Smitten with Meatless Meat

“According to recent reports by The Wall Street Journal, the superstar plant-based company Beyond Meat is reaching out to the New York Mets, in hopes of garnering the support of mainstream American consumers. The major league baseball team sampled Beyond Meat’s new burger, and David Wright, third baseman and team captain, plans to sign on as a spokesman for the company.

“To anyone who doubts athletes can thrive on a plant-based diet, Wright says that for him the Standard American Diet was detrimental: “Six years ago I cut out red meat. … It made me lethargic.” Wright has never looked back on the decision to cut down on meat, and is now using his celebrity to support the movement of others toward a plant-based diet.

“Beyond Meat offered free samples to fans outside a recent Mets game, and received a glowing response. One baseball fan exclaimed, “I’ve tried make-believe meat before and didn’t like it. … But I like this.” …



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