Nonfiction Books and Chapters

  1. 2021. Birds of Coldwater Farm, 2nd Edition. Coldwater Press, Prescott, AZ  177 p.
  2. 2020. Desert Weeds. Springer Life Sciences, New York, NY. 353 p.
  3. 2020.  Desert Conservation and Management: Biodiversity Threats From Invasive Weeds. In Dellasala et al. Encyclopedia of the World’s Biomes, Volume 2, the Desert Biome. Elsevier, New York. Five volume set, 3500 p.
  4. 2019. Birds of Coldwater Farm, Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona. Coldwater Press, Prescott, AZ. 177 p.
  5. 2018. Weeds of Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona. Coldwater Press, Prescott, AZ. 398 pp.
  6. 2017. Butterflies of Yavapai County, Arizona. Coldwater Press, Prescott, AZ. 30 pp.
  7. 2016. Birds of Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona. Coldwater Press, Prescott, AZ. 128 pp.
  8. 2014. Arizona Wildlife Notebook. CreateSpace, Charlotte, SC.  162 pp.
  9. Turner, R. M., R. H. Webb, T. C. Esque, and G. F. Rogers. 2010. Repeat photography and low-elevation fire responses in the Southwestern United States. Pages 223-244 in R. H. Webb, D. E. Boyer, and R. M. Turner, Eds. Repeat Photography Methods and Applications in the Natural Sciences. Island Press, Washington, DC, 337 pp.
  10. Rogers, G., H. Malde, and R. Turner. 1984. Bibliography of Repeat Photography. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, UT. 179 pp.
  11. 1982. Photographic History of Vegetation Change in the Great Basin Desert. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, UT. 188 pp.


After publishing the “H. Sapiens Problem,” I drifted away from fiction. I sometimes felt a tinge of melancholy for the unfinished lives of my characters, so I decided to give them a future and a fate. 

  1. 2022? Corr Syl. Coldwater Press, Prescott, AZ In preparation.
  2. 2017. The H. sapiens Problem. Coldwater Press, Prescott, AZ. 390 pp.
  3. 2015. Corr Syl the Terrible. CreateSpace, Charlotte, SC.  132 pp.
  4. 2013. Corr Syl the Warrior. CreateSpace, Charlotte, SC.  262 pp.

Fiction Background: The Tsaeb

Work in Progress

  1. Roadside Biology of Arizona. The project outline is complete.
  2. Wildlife of 14-Mile Creek Farm. I have identified the relevant literature and data to create the first draft. Just need to write the introductions to each species group.
  3. Corr Syl. Mentioned above.
  4. Biography. Currently this is a chronological journal with expanded and unorganized bits on family history, selected personal events, correspondence, and concepts.


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