Concerned About Exposure to Toxic Chemicals?

GR:  Wildlife and wildlife habitat are being injured by chemicals entering the environment as waste from automobiles, farms, households, industries, and mining. Insuring safety for humans will protect other creatures too.  Please sign the Earth Justice petition.

Visible waste carries toxic chemicals (Wikipedia: Pollution).

Source:  Earth Justice

“Are you concerned about exposure to toxic chemicals?

“We are, too—and that’s why we need you to contact your member of Congress today. By taking action today, you will be joining thousands of people from across the country who are emailing and calling on Congress to support the strongest possible laws on toxic chemicals.

“Here is why this issue is so important: the weak and outdated Toxic Substances Control Act does next to nothing to keep you and me safe from toxic chemicals.

“In fact, the scary truth is that there are about 80,000 chemicals approved for use in everyday products and very few have been tested to see if they are harmful. Many are linked to reproductive disorders, learning disabilities, diabetes, and cancer. That’s a whole plethora of chemicals that Americans are exposed to on a daily basis!

“We need you to call on Congress to make sure that reform of our toxic chemical laws is substantive and real. Chemical reform must protect pregnant women, workers, children and overburdened communities. As drafted, the proposals before Congress, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (S. 1009) and the Chemicals in Commerce Act, DO NOT pass the test.”

Sign the petition.

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