Kariega Game Reserve photographic safari

Guests comment on a successful photographic expedition to Kariega Game Reserve.

By: Christian Boix and Brendon Jennings

“Africa Geographic Travel recently hosted the first of this years’ three fully booked photographic safaris at the always exciting Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This trip was once more led by Brendon Jennings, Kariega Game Reserve’s very own specialist photographic ranger and guide.

“The trip was blessed from the onset by an eclectic mix of people, a medical doctor, a retired couple from New Zealand, an art teacher and a photo journalist. One of the things I enjoy most about trips like this is the shared experiences we have with people from vastly different backgrounds with the common interest being nature and photography.”– (Brendon Jennings)

Source: africageographic.com

GR:  Photography field trips are a great alternative to hunting trips.  Photography clubs everywhere should plan more outings, and they should share their plans with their local wildlife agencies (often called Game … agencies).  Obtaining a good photograph takes as much or more skill than killing with rifle or bow.

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