Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing in Brazil

Target: Renan Calheiros, President of the Senate of Brazil Goal: Strengthen a legislative bill aimed at banning cosmetic testing on animals In June 2014, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies voted in support of a bill aimed at banning cosmetic testing on…


3 thoughts on “Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing in Brazil

  1. OMG – I insaney thought we had moved past this barbarism – testing on animals – there is no defensenfor this mindless torture. My anger knws no bounds and I wish we could test this on the perpetrators – see how they like it and perhaps they woud stop. Cruel? I suppose I must be.

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  2. The moral virtues we learn from our families and social institutions do not include respect for other species. Some people see that harming animals is wrong, but most do not. Some people seem to extend their sense of species’ equality over the course of their lives, but many do not.

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