Save Wildlife from Irresponsible Tourism

Tourism–Outdoor Recreation

Important for reminding us that our mere presence can harm wildlife.  Please sign the International Fund for Animal Welfare pledge and share the petition.

“Irresponsible tourism can put animals in danger and harm imperiled species. Pledge to be a responsible tourist who helps to protect animal welfare while overseas.”


GR:  The dangers of outdoor recreation were long ago defined by my favorite conservation writer.  “The retreat of the wilderness under the barrage of motorized tourists is no local thing; Hudson Bay, Alaska, Mexico, South Africa are giving way, South America and Siberia are next.  Drums along the Mohawk are now honks along the rivers of the world.  Homo sapiens putters no more under his own vine and fig tree; he has poured into his gas tank the stored motivity of countless creatures aspiring through the ages to wiggle their way to pastures new.  Ant-like he swarms the continents.  This is Outdoor Recreation, Latest Model” (Leopold, 1949:  166).


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