Why Buffalo Should be Protected by the Endangered Species Act

By Stephany Seay

We’ve been given no other choice but to seek Endangered Species Act protection for the Yellowstone buffalo. This important action has been taken by the Buffalo Field Campaign and Western Watersheds Project.

Not a single Interagency Bison Management Plan affiliate seems to have the courage to defend wild buffalo — not the park, not Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, not even the tribes. The dastardly management schemes that continue to wage war against buffalo must end. There is no cause or evidence to support this brutal treatment, and none of the actions carried out in vile service to Montana’s livestock interests can be justified. The nonsensical abuse and killing of wild buffalo has become a very bad habit that U.S. taxpayers continue to fund.

Source: www.thewildlifenews.com

GR:  Like the Sage Grouse, Buffalo protection will be opposed by Congressional representatives of grazing and mining.  By now, everyone should recognize that the term “public lands” is a deceit.  The American public lands held by the states and the U. S. government belong to ranchers, miners, and anyone else that wants to use/abuse the land to make a profit.  That is, as long as a little of that profit makes it back to our “representatives” in Congress.

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