Scientists warn of impending turtle dove British extinction

Turtle Dove Extinction

Malta Today:  Turtle dove numbers in Britain have plummeted by 93% since 1970 and the migratory bird may be rendered entirely extinct from Britain by 2021

Staff Reporter
21 January 2015, 2:26pm

“Turtle dove populations in Britain are declining so rapidly that they may be entirely gone from the country in a eight years’ time, scientists from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds have warned.

“Turtle dove numbers in Britain have dropped by a whopping 93% since 1970, the fastest decline of a bird towards extinction in British history.

“Moreover, scientists warned that turtle doves are simply the worst affected of the migratory birds that spend the winter in Africa and fly to Britain in the springtime to breed. Eight out of Britain’s twelve most threatened bird species are African migratory birds” (read more).


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