Yellowstone wildlife sent to slaughter; calling all buffalo warriors

If ranchers want this, let them pay for it.

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10429277_10153021164260859_6998809249201624349_nKathleen Stachowski    Other Nations

Dear Americans:

You’re busy, I know. You’re busy working and playing and doing a million crazy, diverse things that Americans do in our big, crazy, diverse country. That’s just who we are, and that’s what makes us awesome.

But right now, I’m going to cherry-pick a few things we share. We’re nuts about wildlife–amiright?!? In 2011, a whopping 71.8 million of us–that was 30% of the U.S. adult population–identified as dedicated wildlife watchers in a once-every-five-years national Census survey. We spent a bundle–$54.9 billion–on wildlife watching that year.

According to the same report, 12.3 million of us visited parks and other natural areas to view wildlife (pg. 36). And in 2012, a National Parks Conservation Association poll found that “95 percent of voters see protecting and supporting the National Parks as an appropriate role for the federal government.” In one survey question, protecting…

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2 thoughts on “Yellowstone wildlife sent to slaughter; calling all buffalo warriors

  1. Any good news. It is clear that a stupid nerve agent has been released upon us all. Symptoms are as follows: (1) one does not see the planet being destroyed and that we may have reached the point of no return. (2) A lust to destroy all other species of life. (3) A loss of love of this earth.

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  2. I agree Gary, the ranches should pay for it, not the taxpayer!!! This is horrible…I can’t understand in the year 2015 in this country the ranchers still get special deals!!!

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