The IPBES Biodiversity Initiative Will Need Our Support

GR:  The  IPBES (International Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) could provide a useful central resource for the many nature conservation programs already in place.  China and others are trying to block this.

The United States will probably refuse to participate.  Our oligarchical view is that nothing should slow development and “progress.”

For many of us who care about wildlife and its habitat, this program seems to be coming very late.  Perhaps better late than never, but for dying animals and plants, late is a tragic word.

From Nature:  “An effort aimed at protecting ecosystems, modelled on the agency battling climate change, will need protecting from powerful enemies, warns Ehsan Masood.

“There was something different about Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), when he rose to address a major conference on bio­diversity in Bonn, Germany, late last month. His signature green tie was absent; a red alternative hung in its place.

“Red for danger, Pachauri said, to acknowledge the peril facing ecosystems and much of the natural world. Danger, he added — pausing for effect — was not a word he could use in the highly politicized context of climate change. Researchers who investigate and log Earth’s diminishing biodiversity, he was hinting, have yet to encounter the kind of distortions and politicization that are a regular feature for those who work on global warming. But for how long will that continue?

“The Bonn conference was the third plenary meeting for a major initiative that explicitly aims to mimic the workings and impact of the IPCC, including eventually drawing up laws that would put a scientific brake on rampant development. As such, it is likely to make powerful enemies. One of its first reports will assess the state of pollinating insects. Others will explore the highly charged question of how to value ecology. The red tie is a sign of things to come”  Source:



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