Outrage Over Government’s Animal Experiments Leads To USDA Review

Story by:

Allison Aubrey

Lawmakers also introduced a bill to strengthen laws protecting farm animals used in research. Both moves come out of a New York Times investigation of animal suffering at a federal research center.

If you read Michael Moss’ investigation in The New York Times about research practices at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska, you might recall some of these details:

  • An experiment where pigs died after being locked in steam chambers. The goal of this taxpayer-funded study was to evaluate how varying temperatures influenced the pigs’ appetites.
  • A study that left lambs abandoned by their mothers in pastures to die of exposure or starvation.
  • An account of the fetuses of 119 pigs being “gently crushed” during an experiment. According to the Times, “the aim was to see if empty space in the uterus affected the intervals between pregnancies. But trial results, published in 2011, were inconclusive.”

Source: www.npr.org

GR:  So much more is needed.


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