Deforestation Changes Climate Via Albedo

Albedo Results show that tropical forests have a strong cooling effect throughout the year; temperate forests show moderate cooling in summer and moderate warming in winter with net cooling annually; and boreal forests have strong warming in winter and moderate cooling in summer with net warming annually. The spatiotemporal cooling or warming effects are mainly driven by the two competing biophysical effects, evapotranspiration and albedo, which in turn are strongly influenced by rainfall and snow. Implications of our satellite-based study could be useful for informing local forestry policies.  Source:

GR:  As stated in the article, “models cannot accurately reproduce local climate effects due to their coarse spatial resolution and uncertainties, and field observations are valuable but often insufficient due to their limited coverage.”  My advice is to make more field observations, many more.  Satellite imagery can tell us very few things.  Quantifying albedo changes due to deforestation is hardly valuable enough to justify the cost of the satellites.  Spend the money on the ground.  We need surveys of plant and animal species so we can judge their health and safety.  We can’t get these from space.

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