Warning: Pseudoscience is growing

Beware deceptive news

B-W Thumb--SmallI wanted to caution everyone who looks to the Internet for news and opinion. False reports and biased opinions masquerading as reason and science are increasing (no, Pope Francis and President Obama are not planning to stage a coup in Texas). As I scan the news for stories worth repeating, I have had to become more scrupulous in checking content and sources. The major subjects for deceit are:

  • Energy production with fossil fuels (appearing in items about human-caused climate change and alternative energy sources),
  • Food production with pesticide resistant crops, economic benefits of logging, grazing, plowing, and pumping,
  • Security obtained with weapons sales and military might.

The most destructive effects of the trickery come from the rhetoric and decisions of politicians and government administrators controlled by private industry. The result is a massive barrage of deception and diversion of public funds to support the energy, chemical, land-use, and military industries. The pursuit of profits is preventing true progress and security.

I will continue to scan for accurate reports and honest opinion. Please lend a hand and tell me if you spot a false story that slipped past me. Thank you.

My online newsletters are produced by Scoop.It and RebelMouse.  I control the sources, but it is always possible that one of my sources has been deceived by a particular story.  The newsletters have different formats and appeal to different readers.  Visit and see which you prefer.



I also report on Twitter, post stories on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.



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