World’s Forests Are Fragmenting Into Tiny Patches, Risking Mass Extinctions

Deforestation for the wood, and/or to change the land to grazing or farming has become a terrible idea. It was fine when once our population and needs were small. But now we can’t feed our billions and leave enough for all our fellow species.

Exposing the Big Game

30 June 2015 09:18
Written by
David Edwards By David Edwards, The Conversation

Much of the Earth was once cloaked in vast forests, from the subarctic snowforests to the Amazon and Congo basins. As humankind colonised the far corners of our planet, we cleared large areas to harvest wood, make way for farmland, and build towns and cities.

The loss of forest has wrought dramatic consequences for biodiversity and is the primary driver of the global extinction crisis. I work in Borneo where huge expanses of tropical forest are cleared to make way for palm oil plantations. The biological cost is the replacement of some 150 forest bird species with a few tens of farmland species. But forest is also frequently retained inside or at the edges of oil palm plantations, and this is a pattern that is replicated globally.

The problem, according to new research published…

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