We Are Not Alone!

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Human Beings are Not Alone in the Universe

At last, humanities enchantment with the stars can rest.

At last, humanities enchantment with the stars can rest.

Humboldt, Arizona, July 30, 2015.  The question–Are we are alone?–has been answered. We are now certain that sentient beings of all shapes and sizes walk among us here on Earth. You have probably already met one of these beings. Depending on where you live and the things that you do, you may have seen many of them.

These creatures are not like us; and they don’t speak our languages. Nevertheless, they are not so different that we can’t understand the things that matter to them. We know that they have emotions like us. They feel hunger, fear, and love, and we know some of them will kill for food and defense of self and family.

The Search has Ended

SETI can now turn those scopes toward the ground.

We can put SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, to rest. And how truly amazing; the search wasn’t concluded by a weird signal from the stars; the search ended because of the discovery of living beings that we can see, hear, and touch.


We no longer have to show other beings how we look.

We no longer have to show other beings how we look.

SETI, NASA, and the space programs of other nations have great new challenges before them.  We lack basic information about the sentient beings living among us. How does their intelligence differ from ours? Do they have a sense of humor? What forms of art do they appreciate? We do not know how many are on Earth, we do not know if their number fluctuates, we do not know how they meet their requirements for living on Earth, we do not know how they affect the Earth, and we do not know how they affect us.  It is critical that we answer these questions. Funding must be diverted immediately from space programs to earth programs dedicated to studying the beings among us.

How to Recognize These Beings

You might be surprised by how many of these nonhuman sentient beings that you have seen.  You may even count some of them as your friends.  Click here for a photographic guide to some of the beings.


I have genuine respect for SETI, NASA, satellites, missions to Mars, and so forth.  I have always loved space opera, but we have caused a global emergency that requires all hands on deck.  Our incredible population is destroying natural habitats and the plant and animal species that occupy them.  We are casting away millions of years of evolution that has produced the greatest number of species that ever lived at one time in Earth’s history.  We need to stop our destruction and fix what we have broken before we expend our resources on exploring for other worlds.

Let’s go to Mars and everywhere else after we have ensured the safety of life on this planet.


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