Progress toward the perfect pea

A group at the John Innes Centre has developed peas that will help animals absorb more protein from their diet. The study is published in PLOS ONE today.

Pea and other legume seeds contain several proteins that stop nutrients being absorbed fully in the intestines. One such class of molecule is the protease inhibitors. These slow down the rate at which humans, poultry or livestock digest proteins by incapacitating the enzymes that break them down. Previous nutritional studies with broiler chickens have shown that peas with proteins which disrupt digestion can reduce protein availability by up to 10%.  Sourced through from:

GR:  The purpose of the genetic manipulation described here is improving nutrition.  This is far better than changing a. appearance, b. shelf-life, c. transport tolerance, or D. RESISTANCE TO PESTICIDES.  GMOs with improved nutrition are welcome.  GMOs with improved nutrition and a., b, and c. changes are okay.  GMOs with D. changes are never welcome and should be totally banned.  Pesticides must be totally banned.


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