New Wolverine Sightings

“With fewer than 300 individuals in the Lower 48, the wolverine is one of the most imperiled species in the U.S. Wolverines once thrived throughout the West’s high elevation mountain ranges but, by the early 1900s, they were trapped to local extinction throughout most of the states. Today, these 300 animals are hanging on in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming and in parts of the North Cascades Range in Washington. And this week, news surfaced that wildlife biologists confirmed wolverine sightings in areas in Wyoming they hadn’t recently been recorded, including the Gros Ventre, Wind River and Absaroka Mountain ranges! We’re thrilled to see wolverines in this part of their historic range, since there remain many areas such as the mountains of Colorado and California where wolverine populations still do not exist.”  Sourced through from:

GR:  We have killed off most of the wolverines.  Protecting the remaining few will require major revision of our land/wildlife management practices.  There would be costs to humans, but the benefit would be protection of many species that require wild forests. Do we just give up on all these species and declare that we can’t do anything about CO2 emissions?  Will we sacrifice all wildlife before we accept costs to humans?  (More on wolverines)

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