World Animal Day Was October 4 | Here are Six Ways to Keep Supporting Animals

#Animals, #Extinction

Wishing to increase awareness of endangered species, concerned ecologists declared World Animal Day in 1931.  A catastrophic world-wide extinction has taken place since then.

Please help stop the immoral and irresponsible destruction of nature.  Here are a few links to things you can do for animals this Sunday.

  1. Sign some petitions.
  2. Retweet a few animal tweets
  3. Tell someone that 52% Earth’s wildlife has died since 1970.  (We learned this near the end of 2014 when we saw the report from a survey of more than 10,000 populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.)
  4. Promote elimination of pesticides and restoration of damaged natural habitats.  If you have a yard, you can act directly:
    1. Stop using herbicides and insecticides.
    2. Plant animal-friendly native plants (fall is the best time for shrubs and trees)
  5. Switch to clean nonpolluting energy.
  6. Advocate for reducing the human population.


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