October of 2015 May be the Hottest Month – A Record That May Stand For But a Month

One thousand six hundred and eighteen (1618) — that’s how many months we have in all of the global temperature record starting in 1880. And early indications are that October of 2015 was possibly the hottest month out of them all. A record hot month, during a record hot year, in a record hot world. A new extreme temperature record that may just stand for one or two months as temperatures are likely to continue to climb coordinate with the peak of a Monster El Nino in the Pacific.

As of today’s NOAA El Nino report, sea surface temperatures in the key Nino 3.4 zone had hit a range of 2.7 degrees Celsius above the climatological average. These temperatures are about equal to maximum weekly values achieved during the 1997 El Nino — which in many respects was considered to be the strongest on record. This most recent heat spike puts the 2015 El Nino within striking distance of being the most intense El Nino ever witnessed.  More: robertscribbler.com

2 thoughts on “October of 2015 May be the Hottest Month – A Record That May Stand For But a Month

  1. My cat is beginning to look overdressed. Too warm. Perhaps we should skin him, tan his hide, and make a nice warm cap for a global-warming denier–but WAIT, let’s skin a human instead, we have too many cats, but they aren’t causing the massive damage we humans are causing. Besides, anyone that would skin an animal to make clothing should themselves be skinned.



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