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Internet Links to Population News and Information

urbanizationMost of the thinking about population is too homocentric.  It overlooks natural ecosystems, plants, and animals.  When we take the homocentric perspective, the central concern becomes finding food for the world’s human population.  From this we get pesticide resistant crops and lost species of insect pollinators, birds that feed on the insects, and amphibians living in the polluted watersheds downstream of the farms.  As long as the homocentric viewpoint dominates, destruction of the Earth to create a food factory for the benefit of a single species is inevitable.

farmingMany internet sites that deal with population espouse the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT idea.  The concept is nonsensical.  Development has killed half our wildlife, destroyed our ecosystems, eroded our soils, poisoned our waters, and polluted our air.  It’s time to get realistic about what is sustainable.  We need to cut our numbers and become restorers, not developers.

“The raging monster upon the land is population growth. In its presence, sustainability is but a fragile theoretical concept.”- Edward O. Wilson, in The Diversity of Life

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