Address the Cause, Not the Symptoms

“We must recognize that we shot past the opportunity to stabilize our population at a sustainable level of 2 billion about 80 years ago. We must now focus on humanely reducing population on the planet. Some recognize this harsh truth, but most are focused on symptoms. The issue of overpopulation is feared, ignored, misunderstood, falsely represented and demonized by people from all political and religious persuasions. The concept of too many people using up the earth’s limited resources lies outside the parameters of the typical activist’s world. It flies in the face of current norms and doesn’t fit into society’s dominant anthropocentric worldview.

“Bindi [the photograph] is the precocious animal-loving daughter of the late Australian “crocodile hunter,” conservationist and personality Steve Irwin. Bindi was invited to submit an essay on wildlife conservation to Hillary Clinton’s e-journal. She chose to focus on the threat human overpopulation poses to wildlife. “How is it possible that our fragile planet can sustain these masses of people?” Bindi wrote. She used the analogy of too many people showing up for a party and not having enough food to go around.

“Clinton or her lackeys heavily edited the piece before publication, censoring the overpopulation angle, but the feisty Bindi would have none of it. She refused to allow the gutted essay to appear in Clinton’s journal, and instead went about publicizing how Clinton had tried to silence her.”  From:

GR:  This is a well-written review of an excellent book on population. So, what must we do?  We need to act right now to stop greenhouse-gas emissions, and we need to act right now to begin reducing our population.


1 thought on “Address the Cause, Not the Symptoms

  1. Tough problem. Considering humankind’s history of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other egregious forms of population control, even humane measures to limit population growth have been and would be met with stubborn resistance. China’s authoritarian two-child policy, for example, was widely condemned. When the issue is framed around controlling reproduction and sex, human beings generally react negatively.

    But, the problem of overpopulation remains. The only acceptable partial-solution with a modest track record of success is sex education combined with the availability of contraceptives.

    Unfortunately, human civilization up to this point in our evolution is dependent upon growth. We have not yet learned how to maintain stable social systems in balance with the natural world. That we must learn how to do this is – in my opinion – imperative for the survival of our species.

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