A World in Hot Water sees Floods, Floods Everywhere

“2015 was the hottest climate year in the global record by a long shot. According to Japan’s Meteorological Agency, temperatures were a full 0.18 degrees Celsius hotter than 1998, which is now the third hottest climate year on record, and a whopping 0.13 C above just last year (the second hottest year on record).

“It’s a part of a larger warming trend that began during the latter 19th Century. One that has now seen more than 1 degree Celsius of total overall global warming. And so, in a little more than one hundred and thirty years, humans through a massive burning of carbon based fuels, have forced the world to warm by about 20 percent of all the warming seen at the end of the last ice age. But at that great glacial termination it typically took about 2,000 years for the world to warm by the amount we’ve now seen over little more than a Century.”  from: robertscribbler.com

4 thoughts on “A World in Hot Water sees Floods, Floods Everywhere

  1. Jean, I hope you haven’t had flood damage. Certainly many have in both our countries and many others. Mild weather indeed; it’s raining here and it should be snowing.


  2. Interesting, too, how the “media” seem to ignore the dreaded word “Climate Change,” & instead uses terms like “unusual weather” or some other form of denial. Here in New Mexico, we are having arctic temps., more ice, and strange skies. Gee, wonder what it is….!


  3. Right. Another common media hook is that it’s just the ordinary El Nino event. As Scribbler and others point out, however, the weather’s not at all ordinary.



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