Anti-government ranchers received over $4 million in taxpayer subsidies in 2014

“Last June, the ranchers in middle-of-nowhere Battle Mountain, Nevada, stuck it to the federal government by herding cattle onto public rangeland which had been closed to grazing to protect it from the West’s blistering drought. Meanwhile, many of those protesting were collecting drought subsidies.

“This final act of hypocrisy ended two years of rancher protests against the grazing restrictions imposed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is responsible for thousands of miles of arid federal land in Nevada. The BLM backed down and opened the range.

“By claiming that drought regulations were personal attacks, even as they received hefty checks, the Nevada ranchers got their way. According to Reveal, who obtained records related to the entire ordeal, two ranching families at the center of the protests received over $2 million in subsidies.”  From:

GR:  I just wanted to remind everyone that American ranchers, in collusion with the U. S. Bureau of Land Management and the U. S. Forest Service, have destroyed our public lands in order to line their pockets.  They are not good stewards of the land, they are avaricious abusers that have cost us the lives of our native wildlife and vegetation.  Learn more, search for livestock grazing at



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