Arizona Game & Fish Department – Off Highway Vehicles

“Off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation is one of the most popular recreational activities taking place on public and state lands in Arizona. Please obey the laws, stay on designated open roads and trails, and ride safely and responsibly.”

GR:  The sights and sounds of humans on foot and on wheeled vehicles are disruptive to wildlife.  Numerous studies have shown their harmful effects on foraging and reproductive success.  So why would a wildlife management agency promote such behavior?  Why in the midst of the great mass extinction of life on Earth would a government agency promote activities harmful to wildlife?  Oh, wait a minute, is it for money?  Crazy.  Will voters ever come to respect wildlife and require their management agency to dedicate its efforts to protection?

2 thoughts on “Arizona Game & Fish Department – Off Highway Vehicles

  1. ATV’s are commonly used to retrieve hunted deer and elk, and to get into remote areas for hunting. In AZ, several of the national forests let hunters take their ATVs off road and in closed areas (due to recent fires) to retrieve game. Just another instance in which the hunters access to game trumps the non-consumptive users and wildlife right to quiet.

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