Malthus was right. Now what?

“Saturday marked the 250th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Robert Malthus. I would like to wish him many happy returns.

“And he does keep on returning, doesn’t he, despite those who say he is wrong or passé.

“His Essay on the Principle of Population argued that, if left unchecked, human population growth would encounter limits: “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the Earth to produce subsistence for man.” He foresaw famine, disease and much suffering, especially among the poorest. But in addition to these “negative checks,” he also recognized “preventive checks” like limiting birthrates and later marriage. As a cleric, he advocated “the chaste postponement of marriage.”  From:

GR:  Missed this, but it’s more a discussion than “breaking News.”

3 thoughts on “Malthus was right. Now what?

  1. Gary:
    His insights must have distressed him as much as we in these times.
    I hope once again, our early demise will be greatly mistaken – and we not dismiss and ridicule his modern day equivalents.
    As for population, well, we’ve not addressed this in any reasonable or humane way since.
    I’d keep the 1st world mostly to task to change though.
    Here’s a chart that Jeremy Williams shared that helps visualize, to me, the lopsided (and moral) responsibility.

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