Human Supremacy Will be Our End Game –

Speciasm“Some use the word speciesism. Some use anthropocentrism. While still others use humanocentrism. In the end they all lead to the idea of human supremacy. The thought that humans are the central species on the planet and therefore are intolerant of other species and act in a discriminatory fashion by treating “others” as inferior. This belief will terminate humanity.

“So what to do? We want polar bears, salmon, old growth forests and rain forests. The predicament is we also want grocery stores, municipal water and a house with heat and central air. We love cars, cell phones and Amazon but not the Amazon itself. We want our children to grow old and enjoy the perks of a growing economy. Our existence is all about us. That’s okay, as long as you don’t mind mass extinctions, severe and abrupt climate change, shortened lives for you and your children, and the mental and physical illness that come along with this brief, shiny, bright existence of our industrial culture. We can’t have civilization without eliminating species and ourselves along with it. That fantasy is about over.”  From:

GR:  Here’s an important though intensly fatalistic perspective on nature conservation and the human impact.  I would argue that if we acted immediately and drastically to end our harmful impacts, we might save a few of the things we like.  Hospitals, schools, libraries, and research institutes would be my picks.


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