Philippines New President Duterte Supports Population Control

Philippines Population Control Needed

GR:  Joe Bish of the Population Media Center points out that “the advocacy group Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) have voiced support of improved implementation of the RH Law, while sensibly tacking away from a 3 child policy. It is likely that the RH Law, as written, contains a default 2-child or less policy anyway — we already know that when a country’s women have the means and agency to achieve reproductive self-determination most will choose to have 2 children or fewer. Recall Iran, Thailand and Japan, just to name a few.”

Like many other countries, the Philippines needs to control its population growth.  Though the country’s economic growth is strong, at least 25% of the population remains poor.  If the country’s current 1.6% growth rate holds, the population will double in 44 years.  Poverty expansion is very likely.

DuterteBusiness World Online:  “INCOMING president Rodrigo R. Duterte will aggressively implement the country’s family planning law to push his economic growth agenda, one of his aides said on Monday, in a move that could add to simmering tensions with the Catholic Church.

Congress passed a law in “December 2012, despite opposition from Church leaders, allowing public health centers to hand out contraceptives such as condoms and pills, and teach sex education in schools.

Mr. Duterte is pushing for “rapid and sustained implementation” of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012, said Ernesto dM. Pernia, whom Mr. Duterte has named as his economic planning secretary.

“If you enable families to limit and phase their children to what they can afford and what they can provide for, then that’s going to have an effect on poverty and inequality,” Mr. Pernia said in an interview with ANC.

Such a beautiful land, should not be spoiled by overpopulation and poverty.


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