Anti-wildlife, pro-hunting act reaches U.S. Senate; you can help stop it |

Lisa Blanck–These are some of the animals who will be affected – you can help stop this!Courtesy: Mark Kolbe, John Moore, Bill Pugliano/Getty ImagesEarlier this year the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act (H.R. 2406) passed the US House of Representatives. The sponsor of this bill is Senator Lisa Murkowski, (R-AK), who first introduced it in September, 2015. The SHARE Act is an outright assault on animal welfare and conservation. Having passed the House, it now has reached the floor of the Senate, and, knowing it is extremely controversial, some of members of Congress are trying to bury it within another seemingly harmless Bill. They have attached this extreme anti-wildlife bill as an amendment to the Energy Policy Modernization Act (S.2012). If this bill is passed, the damage to wildlife and conservation will be dramatic and far-reaching.

The Animal Welfare Institute is fighting the passing of this bill, which would be a clear assault on wildlife worldwide. On May 20 they contacted members and humanitarians to ask for their help. Now you can make your voice heard and help stop it by simply clicking on this link and navigating to the “Contact Your Legislators” box to send an email to your State Senator. By simply typing in your address, the name of your senator will pop up. You can even personalize your letters in a box provided by AWI, who will then forward your email for you.

What will the SHARE Act do, should it be passed into legislation? Here’s a quick list:  Anti-wildlife, pro-hunting act reaches U.S. Senate; you can help stop it |

GR:  Thanks to Jim Robertson, ExposingTheBigGame for first reporting on this story.


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