Corr Syl the Warrior Awards

Awards for Corr Syl the Warrior

BIBA2014CorrSylBest Indie Book Award, 2014, Children’s Books Category

OneBookAZ LogoArizona State Library 2014 OneBookAZ Teen Literature.

NM-AZ 2014 Finalist

New Mexico–Arizona 2014 Book Awards

Honorable Mention, the 2014 London Book Festival

Kirkus Star: Awarded to books of exceptional merit.Kirkus Star. “A beautifully written novel that will captivate sci-fi fans of all ages.”  Kirkus reviews (starred review). –June, 2013.

Kirkus Best of 2013Kirkus Reviews.  Best Indie Books of 2013.

AZ Authors AssnArizona Authors’ 2013 Published Fiction Literary Awards.

Readers' Fav 5-star-largeFive Stars from Readers’ Favorite, 2013

PWP  Professional Writers of Prescott Short Story Awards  (Corr Syl Excerpt:  “Dinner”). –2011.


Blog Reviews and Awards

Review of for Reduce Footprints:  “This month, chose Garry Rogers Nature Conservation as our featured blog. I first “met” Garry via Tribber. His articles captured my attention because many of them spoke about animals. When we think about endangered species, we typically think about elephants, rhinos, polar bears, and whales. While Garry does speak to the plight of these beautiful creatures, he also draws attention to some of the lesser known species like the pangolin (sometimes called the “walking artichoke”), the spiny dogfish , and a very cute little cat called a kodkod. In addition to endangered species, readers will find posts on animal rights and welfare. I was particularly interested in a recent article about circus animals and why circuses should be banned immediately … it’ll make you see events under the “big top” differently. Conservation is not just about animals. Garry presents information on fracking, solar use, sunflowers, and what to do with the blackened woodland left behind after a wildfire. Garry Rogers Nature Conservation is a bit like a quality news network … it gathers together pertinent, timely, conservation news and serves it to us in a straightforward manner. It is an excellent resource!” (Cyndi at Reduce Footprints).



2013 Blogger of the Year


Authorsdb VIP BloggerAUTHORSdb VIP Blogger Award.  –September, 2013


Authorsdb Top 50 Award
AUTHORSdb Top 50 Award.  –November, 2013


Scoopit LogoGold Level for Garry Rogers Nature Conservation News (#EcoSciFi) Online Newspaper–February, 2014



scbwi Logo

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators


Authors and Experts BadgeAuthors and Experts Author Member.


NFAA-Member-BadgeNonfiction Authors Association Member.


OdonataCentral (dragonflies and damselflies)

Outdoor Blogger Network

Outdoor Blogger Network


The Independent Author Network .

Independent Author Network.





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Where authors and readers come together!


Indie Writer’s Network.


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