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The Arizona Wildlife Notebook:  2014.  Checklists and conservation status for Arizona wildlife.  “An essential tool for natural history collectors.”

In his book Tracks and Shadows, biologist Harry Green wrote:  “Anyone with a notebook and willingness to pay attention can practice valuable natural history.”New Mexico–Arizona 2014 Book Awards


“Arizona Wildlife Notebook is a very well-documented snapshot of the status of all known wildlife species – from bugs to bats – in the State of Arizona. Much of it should be relevant to neighboring states, as well, with a bit of fine-tuning to accommodate additions and deletions to the list. As a retired Wildlife Biologist myself, I have to say Rogers’ book is perhaps the simplest to understand, yet most comprehensive in terms of factual information, that I have ever had occasion to peruse. This book should become the default checklist for Arizona’s various state, federal and local conservation agencies, and the basis for developing accurate local inventories by private enthusiasts as well as public agencies. Additionally, it provides a superb starting point for neighboring states who may wish to emulate Garry Rogers’ excellent handiwork. I wish I’d had access to something as comprehensive, yet simple, many years ago” (Lee Ashford for Readers’ Favorite).

Wildlife and its habitat are disappearing worldwide.  It is important to think about how we can slow the extinctions and protect what remains.  We can begin by learning what there is, where it is, and how it is changing.  Simple observation of species presence is a good place to start.  With a field guide and a notebook, anyone can make useful records of species presence.  With time, the records become a source of vital information for species conservation.

Buy from Amazon GreenThe Wildlife Notebook can be purchased online from Amazon for less than the cost of a xerox copy.  A spiral bound version is available from Gifts and Games (928-227-2775,  ($17.95+$5.50 postage).

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Roadside Biology of Arizona

Resembling the popular Roadside Geology series published by Mountain Press Publishing, Roadside Biology of Arizona is about the vegetation and soils making up wildlife habitats visible along roadsides. With soaring pressure to gather knowledge needed to preserve natural habitats and species it is time to call for all hands on deck.  This book is aimed at making living landscapes comprehensible to non scientists.

Invasive Weeds in Arid Lands of Western North America:  Ecology and Management.  (In preparation)

Earth’s landscapes are being quietly destroyed by invasive plants and animals.  This work is concerned with the weeds.

Great Basin shrubland replaced by fire-prone invasive weeds.

Great Basin shrubland replaced by fire-prone invasive weeds.

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  2. Hi there! Stumbled on your very intrigueing site, and thinking my 13 yo boy will enjoy also, assuming he notices my share! He has a few problems, but loves nature, etc. Also love that you still use real books! I only went online a couple months ago.

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  3. Hi Kelly,
    Your son might enjoy my new Eco-SciFi novel for young readers. It’s all about animals. It has a nature-conservation theme, but the story is the main focus. Here’s a distillation of some reviewer comments: “With its intricate plot, beautifully crafted landscapes, sympathetic characters, and rocketing intensity, Corr Syl the Warrior presents an original look at the impact of humanity on the Earth environment. Beautifully written, almost too literary to be genre fiction, the story’s tongue-in-cheek humor, hints of romance, and touches of science will delight a broad spectrum of readers.” The book is available from Amazon (


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