Generation Wild: Youth and the Battle to Save Biodiversity

“From kindergarten kids to high-schoolers, youth all over the world are recognizing that they’re urgently needed to help save our planet from the disappearance of unique endangered species; the pollution and destruction of wildlands where we play, hike, bike and camp — and even climate change, which could change all our lives, dramatically,forever.  Go to the CBD to use the interactive map to obtain local endangered species lists.

“The Center for Biological Diversity deeply appreciates that young people are caring more and more about our planet and its nonhuman inhabitants, from tiny butterflies and beetles to the great white polar bear and the Arctic seals it preys on — and that some of these youths are taking incredible steps to help protect them. Even just learning about animals and plants, and all that threatens these irreplaceable species, could help ensure their survival. Education is the first step toward action” (Source:

GR:  The battle to save Earth’s biodiversity will not end soon.  Coming generations must be introduced to the issues so that they can decide whether or not to begin working to protect their environmental future.  This article from CBD offers suggested topics to present to children.

Ploys to make fur ‘respectable’ for the youth

I believe everyone can learn respect for other species. Children need to learn about the feelings all animals have. We need to tell them that it is wrong to kill animals.