Pasture Raised Eggs: the Humane, Sustainable Fiction

GR:  Here’s an excellent review of the issues and problems with hen eggs.  Interesting to consider that chickens evolved in tropical forests, and are not at home in pens or pastures, and certainly not hen houses.Click for my latest post with white border


:  “In a recent article in Civil Eats by author Brie Mazurek, a farmer named Nigel Walker of Eatwell Farm in Dixon, California gets a chance to puff up his more humane vision for pasture raised eggs. His solution? For one thing, in response to his customers’ frequent concerns over the killing of male chicks at the hatcheries which supply nearly all egg farms, from factory farms to backyard hen keepers, Walker now breeds his own birds instead.

“To this end, he is asking his supporters — consumers seeking truly humane, sustainable egg products — to fund this project. But we did a bit of detective work and found that, contrary to his sustainability and “ecosystem” rhetoric, Walker appears to be living in a sprawling McMansion as shown in the aerial photograph from Google Maps. More on the “ecological” and “sustainable” claims he makes about his farm later in this article.

“In the following, I’ve addressed several points and claims made by both Mazurek and

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