Citizen scientists sought for wildlife monitoring in Montana

Great Falls Tribune:  “The Montana Wilderness Association is looking for backcountry citizen scientists to help collect data on wolverines and other wildlife on the east side of the Continental Divide.

“Volunteers are needed to help with wildlife monitoring efforts by adopting one or more routes within the study area and surveying them throughout the winter.

“In past years, MWA, in partnership with Winter Wildlands Alliance, Wild Things Unlimited, Defenders of Wildlife and the Helena National Forest, has identified several wolverines, as well as lynx, grizzly bears and other forest carnivores west of the Continental Divide.

“However, little is known about wildlife presence or activity on the east side of the Divide near Nevada Mountain.

“Volunteers need to be backcountry-savvy and prepared to work and travel in a remote winter environment. Proper equipment (skis or snowshoes) is required.”

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Why the NRDC’s Montana “Wolf Stamp” Must Be Stopped

By Brooks Fahy, Executive Director, Predator Defense

“Recently one of our county’s most highly respected environmental organizations, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), proposed that wildlife advocates improve the plight of wolves in Montana by purchasing a special wolf “conservation” stamp for $20. The money raised would allegedly be used to resolve wolf conflicts nonlethally, as well as for public education, habitat improvement and procurement, and law enforcement.

“Sounds great, right?


“The problem is the money will go directly to the state agency in charge of managing wolves—Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP). If you’ve been following our work at Predator Defense for any length of time you’ll know that, for the state of Montana, “managing” means “killing.” It is also worth noting that the state has renamed what the NRDC calls a wolf “conservation” stamp a wolf “management” stamp.

“We believe we must speak out against the NRDC’s wolf stamp, and here’s why. The best available science tells us that territorial, apex predators like wolves do not need to be managed.

“Asking wildlife advocates to donate funds to a government wildlife management agency is an endorsement of sorts that implies that agency is deserving of and will use your donation in the best interest of wildlife, in this case wolves. Such an endorsement promotes what we would like to call “The Myth,” which is that wildlife management agencies are using current science and conservation biology, as well as ethical principles, to create responsible programs to benefit wildlife, primarily predators. The truth is they are not.”

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View the proposed wolf stamp rule and make your comment on the Montana FWP website at

You may also submit your comments by mail, email, or fax to:

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Communication Education Division
P.O. Box 200701
Helena, MT 59620-0701

Fax: 406-444-4952


GR:  As much as we want to trust and work with our public agencies, we have to do so with caution.  Shifting political breezes often force well-intentioned agency employees to change their commitments.  We must seek strong, binding agreements before beginning any cooperative ventures.

Oppose Montana Fur Farm

Fur Farm Proposal

Source:  Exposing the Big Game

Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks is considering a proposed bobcat fur farm.  Click here to state your opinion.


Image from Exposing the Big Game

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