Pipeline proponents consider explosives in ocean to scare whales from potential oil slicks (Canada)

June 29th, 2014 (Stanley Tromp). The proponents of two controversial pipelines to British Columbia’s coast say they would consider deploying underwater firecrackers, helicopters and clanging pipes, among other methods, to ensure whales don’t swim toward any disastrous oil spill that might result from increased tanker traffic carrying bitumen to Asia.

“NOAA [National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration] identified oil spills as an acute extinction threat to the southern resident killer whales,” the U.S. department says in its request for information from the pipeline project.”

“I am unaware that any whale hazing techniques have been, or will be, scientifically tested on actual whales,” Mr. Noviello said

Source: whalesandmarinefauna.wordpress.com

GR:  As Ed Sibylline says, “No pipeline, no problem!”