Autumn Bird Feeding

After 3-month hiatus, refilled the songbird feeders and took a bucket of rolled corn to the ducks.

Mostly Mallards

Ducks on the Lilly Pond

The duck population is up from a summer low of seven to about 70.  Most of them were here last winter.  When I called, the quacks exploded as if I had fed the day before.

Songbirds will be slower to return, but within a month there will be thousands of daily visits to the feeders.  This year I am adding suet to the menu.  Woodpeckers and flickers are always around.  Let’s see if they would like a little extra fat.

Sightings today:  House Finch, Hairy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, Sharp-shinned Hawk, two Red-tailed Hawks, and several LBBs (grass sparrow).