Feds finalize plan to save country’s most endangered toad

“After more than a quarter century on the Endangered Species List, Wyoming toads may have a chance at recovery under a new plan that sets specific targets and requires long-term monitoring.

“The once-common toads died off in massive numbers starting in the 1970s, succumbing to a deadly fungal disease that has afflicted amphibians around the world.

“Listed as endangered in 1984, the Wyoming toad is considered one of the four most endangered amphibian species in North America and is currently classified as “extinct in the wild” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Approximately 500 individuals are currently held in captivity for breeding and reintroduction efforts.”  More at:  Summit County Voice

GR:  The goal is to establish stable populations at five sites.  It will be tough.  Amphibians face the harshest human impacts of any species group.  They face declining habitats, increasing pollution, increasing short-wave solar radiation, increasing invasive predators and competitors, and disease.  It will be tough.