White House OKs Underwater Seismic Surveying

By Karen Garcia, Sardonicky

Photo by Hannes Grobe (talk)

Photo by Hannes Grobe (talk)

“This is the propaganda that lulls the public into thinking that a meaningless balanced approach which juggles the rights of polluters to profit and the rights of helpless animals to live is tantamount to ethical policy.

“And here’s the part where the oil cartel hilariously pretends to be very, very miffed at the government’s outrageous strong-arm “humanitarian” tactics:

“The American Petroleum Institute, the National Ocean Industries Association and other groups were unable to persuade the Interior Department to scale back proposed time-outs to watch for animals before starting testing and requirements that companies shut down activities when dolphins and other animals are nearby.”

Source: www.truth-out.org

GR:  Harsh? I don’t think so.  This administration seems to hold no love for animals or the Earth environment.  As Karen Garcia points out, it isn’t really negotiating when the argument is over profits vs. life.  It’s pseudo negotiating intended to convince the masses that our leaders are being fair and balanced.