Vanishing big trees imperil urban wildlife

1-20040711-0407__2143Across Australia – and the world – the future of large old trees is bleak and yet large trees support many species such as birds and small mammals, says Mr Darren Le Roux, a PhD student at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions… Source:

GR:  Urban forests are islands of extreme diversity. They include many species of native and exotic trees planted in yards and along streets. The trees offer varied habitat for many arboreal wildlife species. But as they grow, they threaten homes, power lines, sidewalks, and streets. As indicated by the student’s research reported in this article, urban residents and city planners undervalue the wildlife habitat provided by the trees.  Alternatives to pruning and removal are rarely considered.  In many cities, people burn or inter in garbage dumps the branches or trunks of trees that are pruned or removed.  We should pile such materials in vacant lots to provide habitat for ground-dwelling wildlife. If we intend to convert Earth into a fully occupied cultural landscape, we must devote more care to preserving trees.