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Citizen Naturalists

be006e79-7518-451d-b25d-393d8641a2a4A reader recently said they liked the opportunities appearing in this blog.  There are opportunities to sign petitions, state opinions, give moral and financial support, and make suggestions.  There are many many more.  In most cities and towns you will find groups to join that regularly make efforts to study natural subjects.  Below are more of the opportunities to help collect information needed to understand and protect wild plants and animals.  Wikipedia, Scientific American, and the National Wildlife Federation list others.  I haven’t investigated the opportunities enough to make recommendations. If you have personal experience, please add a comment.  Thank you.

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Citizen Naturalists Volunteer Opportunity in Ecuador | SE7EN

Citizen Naturalists

If you want to make a change, we’ve projects to save the biodiversity of the Ecuador, a small country with one of the highest biodiversity levels in the world. Ecuador has Amazon Rainforest, Andes up to 6310 m, and the Pacific Coast. But don’t forget that Ecuador has the Galapagos Islands with a high level of Endemic Species.


GR:  Here’s another example of the many citizen-naturalist volunteer opportunities you can find through the internet.  This one costs $75 per week.  Accommodations are provided, but you must pay for transportation to Ecuador and buy your food in the market.  You must also verify with the Peruvian consulate.

Great Barrier Reef Australia, Turtle Rehabilitation Program

Volunteer At A Rehabilitation Centre Treating Injured & Sick Sea Turtles From The Great Barrier Reef & Cape York Peninsula In Australia. Click To Know More


GR:  Here’s a chance to see the Great Barrier Reef and northern Australian coast while learning about and working with turtles.