Book Covers for Indie Publishers


I want to recommend a book cover designer to my #self-publishing friends.  Rick Holland at VisionPress made two book covers for me.  I’ve had covers made by others, but Rick’s are the best.  What I like almost as much as the covers is the fact that one of DIY-publishing’s nagging headaches is gone:  I’ve found a great cover artist!  The work was on time, communications were smooth, and the results are great.  You can’t ask for more.

Warrior 270dpi 300px wideCorrSylTheTerrible_KindleCoverThe  package I chose included a CD cover, a FB banner, and a 3-D display.

Unusual Number of Anti Animal Rights Posts Today


Read some of the articles on my Google News feed and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s a related(?) story: “… they found that for right-wingers, meat-eating behavior was “clearly ideological in nature, referencing power, might, and greater ‘rights’ over animals, plus an active push-back against movements advocating for the under-powered (i.e., non-human animals).”

Does that suggest the movement is gaining ground?