Corr Syl the Warrior A Science Fiction Novel by Garry Rogers

 Corr Syl the Warrior, A Teen #SciFi Adventure by Garry Rogers

Kindle eBook on sale May 14–20.


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Groundtruthing the Westside Timber Sale

While the Klamath National Forest finalizes its Environmental Impact Statement, and prepares to auction off our public forestlands to the highest bidder, citizens are beginning to organize and get out on the ground to explore the land that is targeted for what could be the largest timber sale in Klamath National Forest history. The Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion is rich with biodiversity, hosting more conifer species than any other temperate forest in the world. The region is considered an area of Global Botanical Significance, and is proposed as an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.

Most of the timber units proposed in the Westside project include Late Successional Reserves that are set aside for the development of old growth forests, and many of the units are within riparian reserves, and Wild and Scenic river corridors which are intended to protect water quality. The Klamath National Forest admits that the Westside project would negatively affect water quality and cause more sedimentation in the Klamath River, and with recent data foreshadowing that a major fish kill in the Klamath River is likely, this is no time to inflict additional impacts to these watersheds.


GR:  Private citizens must oppose this proposal.  Like all significant U.S. Forest Service management actions, the plan benefits corporations and politicians, not the forest.

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