Black-Hawk Raids GBH Nests

1-IMG_0431-001Yesterday (04/02/13), a Common Black-Hawk (Buteogallus anthracinus) raided the two Great Blue Heron nests over my stock pound.  I heard the screams and croaks, and later saw the hawk sitting in one of the heron nests.  Today, I saw the hawk flying through the cottonwood grove beyond the heron nests, but the herons are gone.

Common Black-Hawks are not very common.  The Arizona Game and Fish Department considers them “vulnerable to extirpation.”  Black-Hawks are probably imperiled because they don’t tolerate human disturbances very well, and because they depend on cottonwood-willow vegetation in riparian habitats.

A pair of Common Black-Hawks regularly nest in the woods behind my ponds, but the herons started nesting by the ponds in 2011.  It was unfortunate to loose the herons, but I have to choose the Black-Hawk.  Herons are much more adaptable and widespread.  They will be around after the Black-Hawks are all gone.

1 thought on “Black-Hawk Raids GBH Nests

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