STOP the Proposed Silurian Valley Wind/Solar Project!

Dear Readers and friends of the California Desert, I need your help opposing the proposed Silurian Valley Solar/Wind Project which is slated for development southeast of Death Valley National Park….

See on

4 thoughts on “STOP the Proposed Silurian Valley Wind/Solar Project!

  1. Glad to. Michael, do you know about alternative sites? How about along freeways? It’s noisy there and the landscape is already shot. Are the grid formations much more efficient than a linear pattern? I know nothing about this, just reacting through my fingers. Do another post on this if you can.


  2. Hi Garry: As to alternative sites, how about Los Angeles? Or Las Vegas? Where the energy would actually be used? There are literally millions of acres of rooftops, brownfields, and previously disturbed sites – the downside for developers is that they’d likely have to buy or lease the sites and shrink their profits (which is precisely why California public lands are being targeted). DISTRIBUTED GENERATION is key, change is here. Check out these articles:

    Click to access WrongFromTheStart.pdf



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