“Extreme Huntress” and hunting’s flimsy facade

Kathleen Stachowski   Other Nations.  “How extreme does one have to be to earn the title of “Extreme Huntress”? Don’t let the diminutive -ess suffix trick you into thinking this title is a shoddy substitute for the real (male) deal. These women will get up off their childbirth bed to score a trophy–and tote two-week-old Junior along for the thrill of the kill.”

Source: animalblawg.wordpress.com

GR:  If we do not find ways to curb the killer defect in humans, one day we will be placing Mountain Lions on the endangered species list and then on another day they will all be gone.

Visit the Animal Blawg for this story, and note the fine list of animal rights resources on the sidebar.

3 thoughts on ““Extreme Huntress” and hunting’s flimsy facade

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